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MAME4ALL 0.37b5 Complete Romset 2270

MAME4ALL 0.37b5 Complete Romset 2270 --->>>

now, if you decide later down the line that you want to put all your roms from 2270 romset in a folder in /media/rg350/roms/xmame_2_0/ however, and then install the new romsets into the /media/rg350/roms/xmame84 folder. if theres already a folder in the new location named after the romset, then all you need to do is copy the folder with the roms into your new folder, that way you wont have to worry about any symlinks, and thats all you really need to do

** this guide assumes that you are going to only download one of the 0.52, 0.69, or 0.84 romsets, and not all three. if you are going to download and use all three romsets, then this process is a bit more challenging, since youll have three distinct romset folders on your external sd card. if this is the case, youll need to point each symlink to its respective folder. for example, for 0.

1) download a romset from mame4all,, or via links on the internet (definitely dont use file torrents because they are a waste of time and space) here is a list of the major player links for each romset:  sega model 1 -> sega model 2 -> sega model 3 -> sega model 4 -> sega model 5 -> sega model 6 -> sega model 7 -> sega model 8 -> sega model 9 -> 3d9ccd7d82


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