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Walk A Mile In My PantsSonny With A Chance : Se...

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Walk A Mile In My PantsSonny With A Chance : Se...

Sonny was well promoted when she was added to the cast of So Random!. She was in Tween Weekly several times. When Tawni and Sonny wore the same dress, Sharona pointed out that Sonny was shining and Tawni was "partly clunky with an 80% chance of shame". Sharona also said that "Sonny's hair is fab, and Tawni's hair is drab", but she compared a picture of Tawni from a "Bad Hair Day" sketch with Sonny's student ID photo (which had turned out remarkably well). Thus, since Sonny started on So Random!, she became somewhat of a celebrity.

In "Guess who guest Starring..." in season 1, Sonny said she would never want to kiss him. And she kept falling for him, but in "Sonny with a Kiss", she, along with Chad are anxious to get the pressure off from everyone about their kiss. When Sonny started to date Chad, she made him into a decent guy instead of the jerk he used to be. She only broke up with him because of his selfish needs. She still has feelings for him because of when she wrote the song "What to Do" in the Sonny with a chance series finale of Sonny, since Demi Lovato (Sonny) will not be returning. 59ce067264


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