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[S1E12] The Upside Down

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[S1E12] The Upside Down

While hanging out in Max's Lair, Phoebe asks Max to come out and tell them that he didn't commit the crimes. They watch a sad live video of their dad going on a downward spiral for losing his leadership of the watch group. Max agrees to tell his family the truth that he was only hiding his bike secret but the real criminal is still out there. The Thundermans promise to help Max get through his training. But first, they must catch the bad guy. If only they knew where the criminal would attack next. Luckily, Max has already figured out the pattern of the crimes. The crimes only happen at a place after the place is featured on an article on the local newspaper blog. That means, the next place to be attacked will be the Hiddenville Park.

Later that night, the Thundermans dress up in costumes and sneak into the park to stop the vandal. They wait and wait without any luck. They start dozing off. Phoebe and Max fall asleep next to each other. When they wake up the following day, nothing has happened. Coincidentally, they notice a person dressed up in all-black vandalizing the statue. They go on to attack but they get distracted by the kids entering the park. Phoebe gets close to the criminal but the criminal knocks her down. Max holds Phoebe and tells her that she did good. He then takes his bike and races after the criminal. He grabs and reveals the criminal - it was Darcy Wong all along!

"The Upside Down" -- While on a mission to retrieve a downed top-secret drone, Jason and the SEAL Team disobey orders so they can save Clay, who is trapped beneath a room full of armed terrorists. Also, Clay and Stella's relationship takes a new turn, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, Jan. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured left to right: AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn and David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes. Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS ÃÂ2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The unknown Demon Slayer prepares to attack the Drum Demon, charging at the creature with his dual Nichirin Swords. In retaliation, the demon taps a tsuzumi, causing the room to turn sideway and evade the attack. As it does, Teruko lands hard on the upside down ceiling. Tanjiro instructs her to hold onto furniture but is hit by the masked stranger using him as a springboard to leap from. Annoyed, he tells him to focus on the demon, not his own reckless attacks.

The demon begins to attack and rotate the rooms simultaneously; as he spins, Tanjiro begins to see the pattern between the tsuzumis and their respective movements. But as he begins to get used to them, the demon begins uttering something, causing the rooms to change instead. Losing track of the demon in a new room, Tanjiro suddenly detects the scents of multiple demons within the mansion. He then detects the smell of blood; he opens a nearby door, looks into the hallway and finds a corpse. Shocked to find another lost life, he leads Teruko in another direction. While making their way down the hall, he detects a new scent; Tanjiro opens the door and finds the children's lost older brotherholding a tsuzumi.

Kyogai spots the Demon Slayer and taps twice, flipping the room upside down; however, Tanjiro is able to predict the change and lands safely on the ceiling. Kyogai repeatedly strikes his tsuzumis to disorient his opponent but Tanjiro remembers the specific movements of each one and moves according to anticipate the change. Despite being flipped throughout the room, Tanjiro stays in sync and lunges at Kyogai, but is forced to stop his attack when Kyogai nearly kills him with his central tsuzumi's claw attack.

As Tanjiro lands down to soak up the discomfort of continual movement, Kyogai attacks him again, forcing him on the move once more. He notes that not being at full strength causes the pain to make him stumble, leaving him vulnerable to the claw attack. Looking for help, he remembers Sakonji's advice on Water Breathing. Water can change into anything; it can take an


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