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Download __EXCLUSIVE__ English Subtitles For My Princess

User interface (UI): A user friendly interface allows you to use Fiatecuscan without any previous knowledge of the device. This is because the DUO takes care of all the reading and checking for you.

Plug & Play: You need no connectors as with the previous versions. This is because the Fiatecuscan DUO now comes complete with a relay board all you need to do is plug the cable in and you are ready to go.

Quick Scan: Fiatecuscan DUO allows you to scan only the required ECU from the scan list. You simply need to highlight the ECU you wish to check and then press the scan button. Fiatecuscan DUO then automatically checks all the data using only the basic scan, the Result list is also very easy to manage and is generated to simply be read.

Easily Identify Problems: Fiatecuscan DUO allows you to identify issues that you find by using the LED indicators which come programmed to identify the manufacturer of the Fiat 1.8L engine and also the part in question (inlet, exhaust, turbo). Once identified the problem is then allocated a code that will allow you to identify the problem by searching the Fiat ECUScan net d2c66b5586


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