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Buy Poe Orbs

Then we have the Corrupting Fever Champion, Corrupting Fever is a duration buff that basically allows your attacks to apply a physical damage over time, which means you can use long range attacks like Kinetic Blast to apply those thoughts and completely explode whole screens. This is probably the build with the best clear speed on the whole list, it's just absolutely insane, you can annihilate whole maps. It feels like a end game build with the investment of a early game build, less POE currency orbs for an amazing result.

Next one we have the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist. This spell creates ethereal blades that spin around you whenever you activate it, and it can stack up to 10 times increasing its damage with every stack. Basically the playstyle that you have is sometimes pressing Blade Vortex, and then you just charge around and explode screens. It can make for huge explosions, and basically not really having to press any buttons which is probably the biggest upside of this build, all you really have to do is pressing the Blade Vortex button here or there, and destroy everything rush from maps. The downsides of this build can be a little bit squishy. If not built into it correctly in endgame, it would not perform well as you wish, but this is not really a problem anymore once you have your gear, just before that it can be a little annoying, also it doesn't have the best boss damage. But then again, it is poison, so it has a lot of solutions to that. I think this build is especially good if you want a build that's solid and without tons of POE 3.20 currency orbs early. You can also scale later, and you don't have to reroll immediately.

Path of Exile Currency is the main "money" in the game. Unlike most games of its kind, Path of Exile doesn't deal in gold. The currency system in Path of Exile revolves around various orbs, scrolls, and sextants, such as the Divine Orb, Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, etc.

Orbs are the main currency used in Path of Exile. Players can use PoE Orbs to improve their gears, and use it as currency to trade with NPXS or other players for gears. When players want to purchase cheap chaos orbs, or exalted Orb, we highly recommend them to buy from RSVSR. Here is the best place for the cheapest POE items & POE orbs and you can get all the PoE Orbs very fast!

Production Department: This department has 10 employees. They are mainly engaged in the manual production of Poe Chaos Orb. This ensures that we can provide cheap sources of orbs and make transactions more safety.

Orbs of Transmutation are used to transform normal item into magic item. The resulting magic item can spawn with 1 or 2 affixes (mods). I myself do not use these orbs a lot on my items, because I wear either unique or rare items but they are useful in another way. They are great to use on white strongboxes, white flasks which drop (instead of using a lot of Orbs of Alteration which is more expensive than that) and I also like to use them on good base items with high itemLevel. You can get lucky that way and roll high value mod on item, it is worth noting, magic item with one highly rolled mod can be sold times and times more than rare item with 6x mediocre mods in this game.Usually Orbs of Transmutation stack up for me so I sometimes like to trade them to Scrolls of Wisdom which I spend fast. 1 Orb of Transmutation yields you 4x Scrolls of Wisdom when sold to vendor. You can also obtain orbs of Transmutation as drops, selling unidentified magic or rare items to vendor, or buy it for 7x Portal Scrolls from vendor. Ratio to Chaos Orb is approximately 35-40 Transmutations : 1 Chaos Orb.

Orbs of Augmentation are used to add one affix (mod) to magic item which has only 1 affix. Magic items can spawn with 1 or 2 mods and Orb of Augmentation can be only used on those which have 1 mod. I myself use those orbs mostly on strongboxes when they have just 1 mod or on flasks. You can transform them to Orb of Alteration by selling 4x Orbs o


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