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Shake Body Dance Testimonials


Vaniecia Daniels


Shun Lauren


Karen Sims

"So you think you have 2 left feet, can't keep up or too old? NOT SO! Cassie is such a natural instructor anyone can catch on and keep up. I love her classes. I don't sweat easily, but I sweat in her classes. They're never boring and you burn many calories! Don't miss out!"


I have never really liked going to the gym, I consider myself an outdoor person. However, Cassandra is so infectious in her style of teaching that people from other parts of the gym step in to see what's going on. For the entire 60min she is going hard, laughing, joking, acting silly and still motivating you at the same time. She is a phenomenal teacher who definitely loves what she does which is a testament to her classes always being full. To have known her for 20yrs I feel honored each time I step into that room. I know she's going to work me till I can't feel my legs, but it's worth it. If I had to recommend a fitness Coach, it would "hands down" be Cassandra every time.


I have been coming to Cass dance class for a year. She is definitely an amazing instructor who will definitely push you to be your best. I am like her dance assistant (Lol) and yes I'm the only brother in her class, but I know every dance move. She is a phenomenal Instructor.



Racquel Washington

I met Cassie at Fitness Connection at a holiday session.  Her energy was explosive.  Her moves are fun, current and really work every muscle in my body.  I’ve been attending Shake Body Dance for a while and I have seen the change in my endurance, my mobility and weight loss.  Cassie is extremely uplifting and encourages her students to go all in and embrace the moves to obtain a full body workout.  I have never been disappointed at any session.  Her routines are fresh and full of variety…just when you mastered the dance; she adds another move to challenge us to our full potential. 

Her classes are an extension of family dynamics.  We check on each other, support each other and pray for each other.  Our class is open to all ages and levels of movement.  The love and welcome you feel at each meet up is genuine.  Not to mention we have so much fun dancing and laughing – we sometimes forget we are working out! 

If you are looking for some excitement in your exercise plan; come visit us at Shake Body Dance!  We will meet you on the floor! 😊





Jeanette Lyons

I wouldn't be here without Shake Body Dance Fitness! The results, the fun, the unity is something I've never had with any other fitness club. You gotta experience it to know what I'm talking about. Cassie is EXTRA... But you GOTTA LOVE HER!! 



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