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How To Unzip Rar Files On Linux 2021

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RAR is the most popular tool for creating and extracting compressed archive (.rar) files. When we download an archive file from the web, we required a rar tool to extract them.

This article explains how to install unrar and rar command-line tools using official binary tar files under Linux systems to open, extract, uncompress or unrar an archive file.

To list files inside an archive file use unrar l option. It will display the list of files with their sizes, date, time, and permissions.

The unrar command is used to extract, list, or test archive files only. It has no option for creating RAR files under Linux. So, here we need to install RAR command-line utility to create archive files.

A compressed file contains multiple files of large sizes that are zipped together inside it. If you want to list out all the file contents inside an archive file, use the command below. This will display a list of files with their name, size, time, date created and permissions.

The unrar tool that we just downloaded uses the unrar command to carry out the above tasks. It lets you extract, list out and test files. There is no option for creating a rar file with this particular tool. Therefore, we will install another Linux command-line utility called RAR to create compressed/archive files.

RAR and UNRAR are very useful when it comes to handling and managing files in Linux. They provide multiple options to make your work easier and more convenient. When compared to Windows, things get a little complicated for Ubuntu, but these commands are simple, easy to execute and give results within seconds.

By default, Ubuntu Linux includes both command line and graphical user interface (GUI) tools you can use to the extract the files stored in the RAR or Roshal ARchive compression format. Ubuntu's "unrar" command line utility can be directed to list an archive's contents to the terminal, test the archive's integrity, extract archive contents into a single directory or maintain the archive's folders and sub-folder hierarchy in full. In addition, Ubuntu's Nautilus file manager has built-in RAR file extraction capability.

Navigate to the folder containing the RAR archive you want to extract files from using the "cd" command. For example, if your file is in your "Downloads" folder, type "cd Downloads" (without quotes) at the command prompt and press the "Enter" key.

Type the "unrar x" command along with the name of the RAR archive you want to extract files from at the Linux command line. For example, if want to extract a RAR archive called "pythonutilities.rar," type the following at the terminal command prompt:

WinRAR is an archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, open and unpack RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet, create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. A trial version is available, so you can try WinRAR before buying.

I found The Unarchiver as mentioned to be great for about 80% of the RAR files I run into. The other almost "perfect" RAR extractor would be RAR Expander My only complaint is it doesn't automatically quit after extraction.

Note: The Unrar utility for Linux works very well with RAR archives that are version 3.0 or older. However, it has considerable trouble working with the newer proprietary RAR format (version 5.0,) and absolutely will not work with 5.0 files till the developer adds new features to the tool.

As its name implies, WinZip is typically used to open ZIP files. However, it also opens several other formats, including RAR, 7z, CAB, and ISO. With its simple interface, WinZip lets you open your RAR files instantly.

Along with opening RAR and other compressed file types, WinZip lets you encrypt files using 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption. As a bonus, users can also resize pictures and add watermarks. You can also share or save your file instantly using email, clipboard, or cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you're looking for an easy tool for opening RAR files that offers much more, then check out WinRAR. You can download it for free and try it out for 40 days. If you decide to buy, WinRAR is currently priced at $29 and is available for Windows.

The PeaZip interface is also easy to use. Just open the application, browse for your RAR file, and either double-click to open it or click the Extract button to extract the files to a different location.

In terms of usefulness, 7-Zip supports all major archive formats and allows users to extract multi-volume files. This free software offers 256-bit AES encryption as well. Currently, the program is only available for Windows. You can download it on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

It supports all major archive formats and allows you to extract multiple files in one go. The UI has multi-language support as well. ExtractNow can also scan folders for archives and automatically extract them.

Most of the options we listed above are available for both Mac and Windows. However, we also have a separate guide on other options for opening RAR files if you own a Mac that you check if you are a Mac user.

Extracting and launching files on an Android phone is a bit complicated, but there are quite a few free and paid apps that can make the process easier for you. If you use your phone for work often, then it is a good idea to get your hands on an efficient RAR extractor. For a list of the best options, head over to our guide on the best RAR file extractors for Android.

Any of these programs, such as WinZip and WinRAR, or free compression software, will work on Windows or any other operating system to extract RAR files. While there are many similar tools available online, we have selected our top ten based on their ease of use and features.

Extract the first part of the group of multiple .rar files with Archive Manager, and it will automatically extract all the other parts. You can also extract the contents of an archive named FILENAME.rar from the terminal with the following command:

Compressing and extracting files is not only common on desktop computers. You may need to do the same things on your VPS. Zipping and unzipping files make it easy for you to download and move data around.

A RAR file contains one or more files that have been compressed into a smaller file using WinRAR software. The .rar file extension name stands for Roshal Archive, meaning a high quality compressed file (also known as an archive) that can be encrypted with a password.

RAR files are used to transfer or store huge files, like when you download your data from Google or Facebook, or send gigabytes of data as image, audio, or video files. Compressing the files into a single RAR file lets you speed up transfer and download times.

Each volume is numbered in the file name (volname.part001.rar, volname.part002.rar). Then, when you uncompress your files, you need to have all volumes in the same location and extract them in chronological order.

The biggest difference between RAR and ZIP is that .zip formatted files are more widely used because the file format is flexible and can work with any operating system. Although both file types allow you to compress large amounts of data, here are some of the other differences between how the RAR and ZIP formats compress files:

Encryption: Both file formats support password protection, but they use different encryption methods. RAR uses AES-128 encryption, which is generally superior to the ZIP 2.0 encryption algorithm. If you use 7-Zip to create your ZIP files, you get AES-256 encryption, which is more secure than both RAR and regular ZIP files. With RAR, you can also lock encrypted archives to prevent accidental modification of your files.

WinRAR is an app for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 that you can download and use for free during the trial period to open RAR files. It was created by the same developers who came up with the .rar file format, and you can also use it to create RAR files.

Use the drop-down menu to select the folder with the files you want to compress into a RAR file. Select the individual files and folders you want to include in the RAR file. (Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple files).

No matter where you want to create, manage, or download RAR files, you need to shield yourself from any cyber threats they might be hiding. With comprehensive file scanning and malware detection, Avast One makes it easy to confidently create and extract RAR files on any device. Install Avast today to keep your PC, laptop, or phone virus-free.

No matter where you want to create, manage, or download RAR files, you need to shield yourself from any cyber threats they might be hiding. With comprehensive file scanning and malware detection, Avast Free Antivirus makes it easy to confidently create and extract RAR files on any device. Install Avast today to keep your PC, laptop, or phone virus-free.

As archive manager utility, PeaZip providesfast,high compression ratio multi-format archiving to 7Z, ARC, Brotli, BZ2,GZ,PEA,TAR, WIM, Zstandard and ZIP archives (write supported formats), andworks asopener/ extractor toolfor200+ archive types including ACE, ISO, RAR, ZIPX files, includingability to manage encrypted archives for supported formats.

This software deploys a powerful and complete filemanager for editing, viewing, browsing and searching archive files,featuring awide set of data security functions: strongencryption (AES, Twofish, Serpent),encrypted password manager, optional two-factor authentication(encryption / decryption with password and keyfile), securedelete, and filehashing tools, easily export tasks defined in the GUI to create command line scripts.

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